The Center for Global Learning

The Center for Global Learning

The Center for Global Learning and International Services (CGL) plays a vital role in supporting and enriching the experience of international students and scholars at BT University. We provide essential services, resources, and programming to help international students thrive academically, socially, and culturally during their time in the U.S. and abroad.


Enhancing International Education: The CGL aims to promote and facilitate international education experiences for students, faculty, and staff. We strive to create opportunities for cross-cultural learning, global engagement, and the development of intercultural competence.

Supporting International Students and Scholars: The CGL is committed to providing comprehensive support services to international students and scholars, ensuring their successful transition, integration, and academic achievement. This includes immigration advising, cultural adjustment support, academic guidance, and advocacy.

Fostering Global Awareness and Understanding: The CGL seeks to foster global awareness, understanding, and appreciation among the campus community. We organize events, workshops, and cultural programming that promote intercultural dialogue, diversity, and the exploration of global issues.

Facilitating Global Partnerships: The CGL works to establish and strengthen partnerships with international educational institutions, organizations, and communities. We facilitate student exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, and other forms of international collaboration.

Promoting Intercultural Competence: The CGL aims to develop and enhance the intercultural competence of students, faculty, and staff. It provides resources, training, and educational programs that cultivate cross-cultural skills, global perspectives, and the ability to engage effectively in a diverse world.

Advocating for Global Engagement: The CGL serves as an advocate for international education and global engagement within SPU and the broader community. We work to raise awareness of the value and importance of internationalization and support initiatives that promote a globally-minded campus environment.

Contributing to Institutional Goals: The CGL’s mission and activities are aligned with the broader goals and strategic priorities of SPU. We collaborate with academic departments, administrative units, and other campus stakeholders to ensure that global learning is integrated into SPU’s educational mission.

Through our mission and activities, the Center for Global Learning aims to foster an inclusive, globally aware, and culturally diverse campus environment that prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.