Center for Leadership Studies

Message from the Center Director

In today’s complex, inter-connected, global society excellent leadership skills are critical in a wide range of professional fields. In recognition of this fact, BT University Center for Leadership Studies focuses on developing student leadership skills and perfecting the art and science of leadership education. The Center is both a resource for faculty scholarship and a vehicle for student leadership development. Its work is inspired by Saint Peter’s University’s mission to develop students to excel intellectually, serve compassionately and lead ethically. Consistent with that mission and its Jesuit identity, the Center emphasizes principle-centered, ethically-focused, morally-guided leadership theory and practices.

For students and aspiring young leaders our Leadership Fellows program offers a rigorous academic, practical and experiential regimen designed to equip you with the leadership knowledge and skills essential for contemporary professional success.

For faculty, staff and other educators our Center is the locus of leadership research, practical application, teaching excellence, case study development and scholarship, all aimed at enriching the leadership learning environment of our students.

Student Leadership Fellows Program

The BT University Student Leadership Fellows (SLF) program is a selective, seven semester, student program aimed at developing student leaders. It is open to all majors and welcomes all students who are interested in improving leadership skills and developing their potential. It consists of both academic and experiential components done under the guidance of the Center Director. It exposes students to leadership theory and practice well beyond what might be experienced with typical course work and co-curricular activities.

Center for Leadership Students

Successful program completion results in the designation of the student as a BT Leadership Fellow. This carries with it special recognition at the Michaelmas Convocation and a distinctive cord to be worn with academic regalia at graduation.


Admission is open to all second semester freshman and selected upperclassmen upon faculty recommendation. All majors are welcome and encouraged to apply. It requires at least a 3.0 GPA and completion of at least 15 credit hours. An application essay is required as well as an interview by the Center Director. Applications will be accepted until January 31st and admission notification will take place by February 15th.

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